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Ekta Kapoor’s show on Starplus, Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2 is trending like crazy these days. All the 90’s fans are happy that this television series is back with its second season, as it was also a very popular show of that time. People are loving the fresh Jodi of Anurag and Prerna. The female lead role of the serial which is Prerna is being played by Erica Kernandies, who is also very famous for her beauty tips on YouTube. And our handsome Anurag role is being played by Parth Samthan, who is Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan famed lead actor.

In the storyline, Navin Basu got obsessed by the beauty of Prerna, and only him it was also Anurag who falls for her and recently both (Prerna and Anu) confessed about their feeling towards each other. It is not because of the storyline, or acting skills that the girl is putting into the serial, but it is also about her beauty.

If you see Erica even without makeup, you will see how beautiful skin she has and she looks flawless. She follows a skincare routine and this is the reason behind her beauty.

So, let us also know what skincare routine she follows:

Face Wash:

In the morning when she wakes up, the first things she does is cleaning her face with a face wash. This removes all the oils that have accumulated overnight on her skin and also make her skin pores open to breathe. This step is very important as it removes oils from skin, otherwise, it can give you acne.


After washing her face, to close those open pores she uses toner on her face. Remember to use an alcohol-free toner. Usually, when you left you pores open this may result in pimples because open pores collect dirt in.


Face need much more care than comparing to the body because it is very soft and sensitive and also get more exposure in comparison to the body. So, you need to perform cleaning, toning and moisturizing religiously. Also, don’t forget to add a good face serum in your skincare routine.


Even if you have applied serum, moisturizer cannot be replaced by anything. It is very much needed. Buy a good moisturizer which goes well with your skin type. You can also choose a moisturizer that has SPF more than 15 to make it work as a sunscreen as well. But remember if you don’t have a moisturizer that doesn’t have SPF in it then you have to apply sunscreen after moisturizing. Because the sunblock saves your skin from harmful UV rays.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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