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Whenever we’re put to choose between fresh and frozen vegetables, we always pick the fresh one, with the notion in mind that it is more healthy and is packed with various nutrients. While shopping for grocery we hardly stop by the frozen veggies counter, if the fresh ones are readily available.
It’s often assumed that when vegetables and fruits are frozen they lose their nutrition and becomes unhealthy when compared to the fresh one. But you will be quite astonished to know that some frozen veggies are healthier than the fresh ones.

Because frozen vegetables are cheaper and are available all around the year that doesn’t imply that they’re not good for health. When Clarence Birdseye invented frozen food in 1923, he tried a lot of things to make sure that the consumers do not have to compromise on the nutrition value. Now, with the advancement of technology, you can be assured of the fact that frozen foods are not as bad as you assume they are.

If you’re worrying about frozen vegetables losing nutrients, then remember that fresh ones are devoid of them too. As a matter of fact, vegetables like green peas, frozen corn and blueberries contain more vitamin C when they are frozen as compared to their fresh forms, revealed a study conducted by the University of Georgia.

Green peas tend to lose half of their vitamin C in the first 24 hours after it’s harvested. While veggies are generally frozen at the height of freshness, because of which, their nutrition content remains intact.
The veggies can only retain their nutrients only if they are not overcooked. No matter what you choose, fresh or frozen food vegetables, both have a positive affect on your body. Therefore, next time you go for some vegetable shopping, go for a mix of fresh and frozen in your diet. If you are taking for salad, go for fresh ones; use the frozen ones for making soup or curry.

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