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We can’t deny this fact that old Bollywood movies make the very essence of Indian Cinema and the very dialogues still linger in our ears. It has got a very solid substance which in modern time we prefer not hearing as it has become really hackneyed. But, we can’t forget the stir all these little phrases created at that particular time and it’ll still do if you utter one of those in the middle of a crowd. Let’s take you back to that retro era:

1. Log Dekhenge Toh Kya Kahenge
Perhaps, every Bollywood film right from the ’70s to the ’90s had this quintessential dialogue whenever the hero would come to romance with the heroine or indulge in some intimate stuff. Seems, the heroines couldn’t ever quench their thirst because “log kya kahenge”.

2. Agar Maa Ka Doodh Peeya Hai Toh Bahar Nikal
I don’t know how and why this dialogues created a shocking stir that rests even today. Dharmendra took this little phrase to some next level and till today it’s deemed as one of the most ‘mard wali’ dialogue.

3. Kanoon Ke Hath Bahot Lambe Hote Hai
We are still figuring out that Kanoon ke haath kitne lambe hain?? Apart from all the jokes, this dialogue always came as a symbol of hope for the ones who had not been getting justice or for the culprit who thought he could easily get away with all his crimes.

4. Bhagwan Maine Tumse Aaj Tak Kuch Nahi Maanga
Of course, when nothing was falling in line and everything was getting ripped apart then only and only The Almighty came to the rescue to provide a happy ending in a movie. And only when it’s a matter of life and death, ‘Bhagwaan’ would be pestered with the fact that, ‘maine aaj tak tumse kuch nahi maanga’!

5. Main Tumhare Bacche Ki Maa Banne Wali Hu
Probably, the most clichéd dialogue of the ’80s, where one or the other woman in a movie would surely utter this line either with tears on her eyes or with tremendous joy.

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