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Whether you travel regularly or not, this distinct and beautiful travel photography will only thrill, motivate and inspire. Travel photography blogs are important as it helps you plan your next trip accordingly, you get to learn a lot about the place and you can reminisce about your favorite holiday. Whatever must be your travel history or plans, these blogs are definitely going to indulge you in wanderlust.

1. TravelFREAK
Jeremy is a talented mixologist as well as the maker of TravelFREAK, what all he wants you is to quit your job, and he’ll stop at nothing to get you to do so, even luring you to beautiful wanderlust-induced photos. It’s bewitching to go through his photography, you might immediately want to book your next plane ticket, most likely while perusing one of his photo essays.

2. Kirsten Alana
Kirsten Alana’s site design is one of the most beautiful out there. It’s just not the graphics, her photographs, which vary from quirky snapshots of culture to serene images of nature, are simply breathtaking. Her shots of the skies are the major highlights.

3. Stuck In Customs
Stuck in Customs is filled with photos the best travel has to offer. Trey Ratcliffe has a genuine talent for photography, and his images, from the Great Wall of China to the mountains of New Zealand, will make you want to rush to pack your bags as soon as possible.

4. Farfelue
It’s not really possible to make look bad, but Farfelue knows how to make Paris look perfect. While Faye’s blog is one of the best for its Paris city guide and travel hints, the attraction is her pictures, which capture the French capital at its glittering finest.

5. Beers And Beans
Beers And Beans is one of the most detailed travel photography sites out there. If you’re planning a trip, get some plenty of advice on travel hints, destination details, volunteering and more. Their photographs are amusing, varied and inspiring too.

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