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It’s not just you and me who dot the cats and can’t keep calm when we see them. Cuddling along with them is the best thing, and the case is same with some big names that we’ve heard since our childhood. Here are the few big names for whom their cats were way too important:

1. John Lennon
The Beatles singer, who the world would go gaga about, doted on his cats. His mother Julia, who adored cats as well, named their pet cat ‘Elvis Presley’! When Elvis gave birth to kittens, they realized that Elvis was female, yet didn’t change the name. Other than Elvis, the singer had some more than ten cats to pet.

2. Queen Victoria
The queen was also an advocate for animal rights. Among the many pets, she had were two blue Persian cats. The very conclusion that Charles Darwin’s research had drawn was that the Persians were one of the two cat breeds which looked different from most cats and this drew the attraction of the queen.

3. Florence Nightingale
The founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, doted on a beautiful Persian, the name she was kept Bismarck, who loved rice pudding along with five o’clock tea. Florence was the pet parent to some five dozen cats in her lifetime. Florence believed the fact that cats had more feelings and sympathy than human beings.

4. The Bronte Sisters
The famous English author sisters, Charlotte, and Emily Bronte put forward the theory that all their works of literature were inspired by cats. They had a belief that their pet cat, Tabitha, was a medium to call spirits. Emily was unable to pen down a word when the cat was with Charlotte. Same goes with Charlotte, who faced a serious problem when the cat was with Emily.

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