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Somewhere the answer to your happiness lies in your religious beliefs.According to recent studies, people who subscribe to a religious sect or claims to have a spiritual inclination of any sort tend to be happier and content in comparison to the atheists. Hence, this is no bad for you to get in touch with your spiritual corner, if you want lead a happy life ahead.

Pew Research had a study in more than 24 countries where they compared the lifestyle of people who followed a religious organization or group and those who did not relate with any such thing. The study concentrated on people in three broad categories namely actively religious, inactively religious and religiously unaffiliated.
The study came to the conclusion that while there was no such difference in actual health statistics (obesity, BMI and heart risk), religious people were seen happier, and had a positive approach towards life, which is a proper sign of better and sound mental health. The interesting fact is, 75% of religious minded people termed themselves happy and content in life.

While no such absolte link was found between the effect of religion and people’s happiness in science, the results are astonishing to say the least.
They couldn’t find any such country on the graph where the latter two groups responded positively than the actively religious ones.

What could be the possible reason? Religion, like any aspirations or aim has been found to have a positive affect on people’s mind which motivates them to strive towards a specific goal and seek happiness. Also, it imparts them a sense of belonging, curbing the thought of loneliness and depression. According to the study, some sort of spiritual connection to a God or Goddess helps people compensate for the lack of human connections in their lives. All the moral values, in abundance actually leads to happiness.

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