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Do you love action movies? I love them, too! The amazing tricks, crazy maneuvers and the adrenaline-pumping action scenes that are mesmerizing, mainly because of the unexpected scenes that we couldn’t imagine, at all. Those terrifying rash driving, flying bikes, jumping from the building, crazy fights and so on, are so dangerous and every time increase our heartbeats.

And, all these things in the movie is always filmed on the Hero (lead role character) in the film. But they never do this. Actually, for the action-packed movies' filmmakers appoints Stuntmen. Despite having a risk in their work, still, there is a huge demand for stuntmen.

The below list is dedicated to 5 most popular stuntmen in the Hollywood movies whom you remember because of their work.

1. Dar Robinson

You must remember the stunts in the movie- Papillon and the lead actor, Steve McQueen. Dar Robinson is the person who performed the stunts of the lead role character in the movie, and that was his first movie. After that, he went on to perform stunts in various other movies. He is so talented that he named as the highest paid stuntman ever.
2. Hal Needham

He had the reputation of being the highest paid stuntman in the Hollywood movies such as- Blazing Saddles, Chinatown, The Spirit of St. Louis, How the West Was Won, Our Man Flint, and Little Big Man. Needham after doing 300 movies and 4,500 television shows, he moved to film directing because of the injuries that left him unable to do stunts.

3. Michelle Yeoh

You must remember the girl. Yes, she is the same girl who popularly recognized as the leading lady in James Bond’s Tomorrow Never Dies. She is also known for her impressive motorcycle stunts, and moreover, she is the only stunt-girl who got the chance to work with Jackie Chan as he got impressed by her talent.

4. Rick Sylvester

Another Bond alumni, one of his best-known performances was when he doubled for Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me. According to the experts the most epic scene of the stuntman was when he acted as Bond, and jumped from the El Captain Cliff face in Yosemite National Park, and at that time he was relying on the Parachute to survive the landing.

5. Colin Follenweider

There is no doubt in saying that Follenweider has been the part of all most major action movies that have recently hit the theatres. The 38-year-old has appeared in giant film franchises including Die Hard, X- Men, Iron Man, Avatar, Transformers, and Spider-Man. You can also spot his work in many other films and he has done stunts for famous Hollywood actors.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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