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There is a huge variety of food available on the market. Each one of them consists of some essential nutrients and comes their own set of benefits. But not all that we eat are easy to digest by our digestive system. It’s quite a difficult task to keep a track of all that we eat, but if some kind of food is causing digestive problems, then this becomes extremely important. Firstly, not to face any such problems in the future, and secondly, to know as to how your digestive systems react with different food.
Here is the list of five types of food that your stomach finds difficult to digest:

1. Processed Food
The junks of course! Chips, candy, street food are all hard to digest. The reason behind is, highly processed foods contains a lot of additives to preserve the freshness of the product. These chemicals are not really compatible with our body and may stick to our gut lining.

2. Sugared Items
We all have a fair idea that eating extra sugar-laden products are not good for health. Even the sugar-free sweeteners that we find today are not completely absorbed by the body. It’s true that artificial sweeteners do not provide calories, but it also does not provide benefit in any way.

3. Dairy products
This may surprise you a bit, but some of them cannot digest dairy products. This majorly happens because of the lack of an enzyme needed to digest lactose, which is a natural sugar present in dairy products.

4. Seeds
Seeds tend to pass from the stomach undigested. The reason being, most of the raw seeds contain phytic acid, which causes a disturbance in the absorption of other essential minerals. It is always advised not to consume raw seeds rather soak them before eating.

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