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We tend to do a lot of things to distract ourselves during a workout. Some watch reality TV shows on the treadmill, hike with headphones on, at times rehash your to-do list as you keep cycling. But according to experts, keeping aside the diversions and adopting a more mindful approach to fitness can pay off big-time for both your health and mind. Here are some tips and tricks that’ll make your workout even more positive:

1. Be Grounded
Yoga teachers ask you to focus on yourself at the start of class. Try that before your other workouts, too, by stopping and take a few deep belly breaths. “As you inhale, imagine that your breath is carrying particles of concentration into your body. As you exhale, notice that all the distractions and stress are drifting away,” says sports psychologist JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Ph.D., author of Sports Psychology Coaching for Your Performing Edge. “The incoming breath is like a sedative that supplies you the peace you need to focus on the present.”

2. Get Few Goals
Set some process-oriented goals. For instance, if you’re running a race or trying to hit a certain mileage, you do that mainly for the outcome goals; process goals are the steps you take that help you get there. These might include correcting your technique, setting your pace, or refine your mental attitude.

3. Don’t Zone Out
That doesn’t in any way imply that you should never crank up your power song mid-workout. Research shows the fact that dissociation—or putting your mind somewhere else—can sometimes be helpful. But there are even benefits to go distraction-free. “When people are truly engaged, they are physically and measurably able to do so much more than when they are checked out,” says Bethany Lyons, founder, and CEO of Lyons Den Power Yoga.

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