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It goes like every person has got a past, a past which is not good or depressing. Some of them have encountered a really bad one which they just don’t want to discuss, either it annoys the hell out of them or they go back to the dark zone. Interestingly, zodiac signs say a lot about how one handles a testing situation and a few of these make not-so-good ex-partners. Let’s get to know what are these signs:

1. Scorpio
Scorpios can cope up with a break up pragmatically if it’s mutual and amicable. But in case, their partner has cheated on them, they make really unpredictable ex-partners. They can go to the extent of gathering evidence to prove what their ex-lover did with them and get into that revenge mode. They might seek ways to stay in touch with their ex and blame them for all that went wrong.

2. Leo
Leos are quite an egoistic one. If their partner part ways with them, they might take it as a rejection and in turn, feel low and dejected. Chances are there that they would intentionally start thinking negatively about their partner (even if it’s not true) to make the situation alright and feel all powerful!

3. Aries
It’s very easy for an Aries to get jealous. They would stalk their ex-partner on social media or try to fetch information about them from their mutual friends. And if they see their ex is all happy or has moved on faster than them, they might erupt being envious and disrupt their own peace of mind.

4. Cancer
Cancerians are one heck of an emotional being. They would not think of hurting or blaming their ex-partner post break up. They would go down the memory lane, over-analyze/criticize what all went wrong and how could have they executed it all differently.

5. Gemini
Geminis are famous to have a dual-nature that makes them unpredictable at times. They might pretend to be all okay and have this reckless attitude but in reality, they would be crying at the corner every night. They might take a really long time to get over the situation and generally don’t like to share their problems much.

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