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Friendship is a connection like no other. Nothing can really take the place of friendship in life. Most memories that we’ve made are along with friends that truly makes us happy. However, as time passes, we come to realize how we must shift our paths and decisions for our own good.
We must get away from some friends for our own good. No, they’re not just the toxic ones.

1. Some of them are downright pessimistic
Yes, you know there are a few among the lot who knows nothing but to criticize and judge. Those are the sheer toxic people one should soon cut off from their life and as they can never make you feel good.

2. Some of them would remember you only when they need a favour from you
That says a lot! You know these friends shouldn’t actually be called friends at all. These are the people who seek advantages out of other people in the name of friendship. You know they can’t ever call you without a reason.

3. Backstabbers
One of the major reasons why you cut with most friends is because of backstabbing. No matter how good you’ve been to them they can’t stay cool without bitching about you with others. You immediately need to cut them off.

4. Not all of them made an effort to stay
Some of them stayed just because they were physically nearby. They have been the case of “out of sight, out of mind”. They were never meant to stay.

5. The less the better
Gradually, we come to this realization that only a handful of friends are enough. The friends who matter to you and your existence matters to them as well. The friends who have taken such a crucial part of your life that they’re more like a family now and you can’t really think your life without them.

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