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Gully Boy is a movie, which encompasses so many characters and their lives. And each character has presented their raw best to the camera. Vijay Varma aka Moeen is one such character who has portrayed one crucial role of a man who has got his own story of a struggled life, who earns his living by switching to the infamous jobs but, nonetheless, he holds a very endearing relationship with the protagonist Murad (Ranveer Singh) and proves that he’s one best kind of friend.

They also engage into few fights and arguments on some issues but the jail scene makes up for all the worse that their friendship faces. And, I’m sure that all went teary-eyed at that point in time.

Recently in an interview with Zoom TV, he elaborated as to how the character of Murad was brought to life on the silver-screen and how they worked to establish that bond between Murad and Moeen.

"I was awestruck by his commitment, he was so committed to his part, I didn't see the party animal in Ranveer Singh. I didn't see it for once and I am being completely honest. I saw that Ranveer Singh on the wrap party, the crazy Ranveer Singh with energy. On the sets, he was just Murad. Totally introvert, into himself, extremely inhibited, just trying to channelise all his energy inward. So beautiful to see, so pleasant on the sets. He was invisible," Vijay said.
He further added how Ranveer was not willing to grab any attention from Dharavi. "We were shooting in Dharavi surrounded by 5000 people peeping out of their windows, doors. They look at Ranveer for some time and later started looking away from him for other things, just because he didn't want any attention."

He went on spilling the beans as to how Ranveer contributed to making both his and Vijay’s character believable to the audience, "He was a delight to work with and I think he is the most generous co-actor to work with and I have worked with the finest before. His understanding of the script, his involvement in the script, and he would never give instructions to his co-actor. He'll do his bit and let the director do their bit. And because there was a great amount of camaraderie between us in on set and off-set and while we were trying to understand the dynamics between them. He felt that Moeen's character status has to be up throughout and only then Murad's becoming something will make sense."

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