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Parenting is no piece of cake, and even the most well-intended parents suffer from setbacks. While there is no such term as ‘perfect parenting’, there are certain stuff parents' need to check, when they are raising either a boy or a girl. We’re concentrating on certain aspects of parenting, which will help in raising a sound-educated boy. It is especially important in today’s world where a lot of importance is being placed in raising the boys right, instead of providing knowledge to the girls on how to live their lives.
Let’s come straight to the point as to what you shouldn’t ever say to your child while raising:

1. Real men don’t cry
One of the worst things you say to your child which can affect his mental stability. He will never express his pain or fear as he’ll feel ashamed of it. And eventually, it might lead him to depression. Real men do cry, they express what they feel. Crying is an essential human emotion and men are no exception in that.

2. Boys don’t get scared
Boys are no robot. Getting scared is a normal phenomenon for all and not just for girls. If you say this to your child, he develops this notion that he cannot be scared even he’s dead scared of something and he’s unable to express that.

3. Not hugging them often
Boys deserve to be loved as much as a girl child. They expect love and compassion from their parents like any innocent toddler. And, if you don’t endear them with the necessary emotion, they might turn really rough and emotionless when they turn into a man.

4. Not allowing them to do household chores
You should never forget to teach your son to do household chores as the same goes along with any girl. Teach him to cook, to wash dishes, to do the laundry. This is as much important for him to learn as to any girl in the house. There just cannot be any discrimination.

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