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In recent times, Bollywood seems to have lost all it’s originality when it comes to making fresh music. All we can get to add to our playlist is the old songs spiced and mixed with some EDM track and that’s just not what we expect from Bollywood, which has been a platform of the creation of the classics in music.

Either it’s the people,(which is us) who gets easily happy with an old peppy track coming to life again or it’s the production who either seems to run out of original content or is just not ready to spend much on experimenting with music.

The sad fact is, when so many aspiring musicians are hurling around just to be given a chance to make fresh tracks, Bollywood seems to be content with music which is readily available and is bound to make people groove, as those are already famous and catchy.
Some of them cover the fact with the saying that ‘old is gold’, no, not every time. Initially, when this remaking of songs was set afoot everything seemed fun and games, but soon Bollywood seems to have taken granted the taste of music of Indian people that we can’t move beyond the old stuff.

Not just that, even the songs that have been made just a few years back, also have been remade. No sooner did people get over the previous track than the new remade track hits the playlist.
India has got a lot of musicians, right from the classical to the western. Our music is renowned all over the world for its rich essence. But, sadly the present era seems to have forgotten all the essence, the authenticity. The big question that arises now, is Bollywood afraid of making new music because of the fear of failure or it has given up putting efforts on music just because people are seen listening to the newly-made-old-tracks quite often?

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