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Being a smart employee surely owes you several advantages in your office. You got that edge over your colleagues but sometimes, this same aspect can stop you from climbing the heights. In fact, even smart people do silly mistakes and inhibit their own success. You must want to know how:

1. They somewhere lack relationship building
Smart people often underestimate the abilities of their co-workers and lack the necessary social skills required for team building. The plus point with them is, they can grasp new ideas easily, set high standards for their own and feel awkward (and frustrated) when their colleagues cannot match their skills.

2. Finds It difficult to delegate work
Smart people have got this mentality that they’re perfectionists and like doing the work their own way which makes them difficult to delegate work to their colleagues. Also, they sometimes feel they’d better work alone on the project and might deny learning opportunities from their peers.

3. Gets bored easily
Smart people also get bored once they have figured out how to get a particular task done. They tend to gallop from one assignment to another, and sometimes, lack stability and patience. They want things to get complete as quickly as possible, there’s very less possibility of them waiting for something.

4. A Wrong direction towards work
They’ve got their own set of rules towards work. They tend to research and analyze a project a lot as they want everything to be perfect in the end. This takes a lot of time and they forget the fact that it’s more important to get the work done in time rather than overanalyzing it.

5. The Silly Mistakes
There is a fine line between being smart and over smart. Smart people head towards the wrong direction the moment they become egoistic about their disposition at work. Their self-esteem can’t endure the fact when some other colleague suggests a better approach to a problem or someone questions their work.

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