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According to a new study, Couples that smoke pot together stays together. Although data shows that alcohol and marijuana can both lead to aggressive tendencies, this particular study found that cannabis use had the opposite effect when it came to the conflicts involved in marriage. Experts are not that surprised.
“I would’ve predicted exactly what the study found in its broader strokes,” Dr. Jordan Tishler who has practiced as a cannabis specialist for more than a span of 20 years (and was not involved in the study) told Fatherly. “I would say that cannabis would decrease the incidence of intimate partner violence.”

The possible reason could probably be, “chronic [marijuana] users exhibit blunted emotional reaction to threat stimuli, which may also decrease the likelihood of aggressive behavior,” Benjamin Krasne, a physician and anesthesiologist, who was not involved in the study, told Fatherly. “It does seem likely that couples who use cannabis are less likely to perpetrate intimate partner violence due to reduced stress and anxiety as elicited by the chronic use of this drug.”

Tishler takes it a step ahead, and argues that intake of cannabis need not be chronic to curb anxiety—the occasional toke will do just fine. Although weed has got this reputation for agitating paranoia and anxiety, which it very infuses, those reactions are dose-dependent. Lower doses of THC prescribed by a doctor can have the opposite effect on cannabinoid receptors, calming their minds as opposed to irking them up.

Nevertheless, couples enduring severe conflicts and aggression should not expect marijuana to be a solution. It’s equally worth mentioning that the findings were based on self-reported data on drug use and acts of aggression, two areas that people tend to be less forthcoming about. So the study is not without its weaknesses.

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