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Romance has turned to be too mainstream and cringe-worthy now. No one really enjoys the mushy couples kissing and hugging around. With great Bollywood movies highlighting bromance, the feeling is exalting as to how much we can connect to the bromances that Bollywood has come forward with so far. It’s time to recall and praise these bromances, a relationship that has got no competition.

1. Jai-Veeru (Sholay)
The legendary bro pair that was a breakthrough in the industry, that swept romance aside. The song, ‘Yeh dosti ham nahi todenge’ makes the mark for the bromance that this pair had created and they will always be our favorite.

2. Aman-Sameer (Kal Ho Naa Ho)
One of the funniest yet the rarest bromance we can ever witness. Aman goes head over heels to help his pal Sameer win the heart of the girl he loves, Naina. Aman, of course, had his own great reason behind that. He knew the meaning of sacrifice in bromance and love.

3. Munna-Circuit (Munnabhai series)
A connection where the circuit is unbreakable. Wherever there is Munna, Circuit would stick to him like a pen and paper. Circuit can actually go to the extent of giving his life away for his beloved Munna bhai.

4. Raju-Farhan-Rancho (3 Idiots)
Touching all the aspects of college friendship, right from jealousy to the nasty fights to hugging things out, this trio went through the pressures of passing semesters, drinking on campus and begging for a job. But, they raised the bar for the trait of never giving up on your best friends.

5. Amar-Prem (Andaz Apna Apna)
More like the Jim Carrey-Jeff Daniels pair of Bollywood, these guys were on a mad chase to marry a rich heiress. However, in their path to success, they face a comedy of errors, mistaken identities, abduction, and even treacherous villains. But, nevertheless, they come out strong on the other side.

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