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Doesn’t matter if you are a cleanliness freak or a germaphobe, there are certain toxic materials around which unknowingly creeps in, in our day-to-day lives without us even realizing. These items are inclusive of harmless chemicals and even then we use them pretty much on a regular basis.
Let us make you a little surprised with the 5 most poisonous things that you have been touching almost every day:

1. Perfumes and body sprays
Yes, we know this fact that we can’t do without this every-day essential, but did you ever realize that your favourite fragrance might be laden with hazardous chemicals? The reason behind why a lot of people develop allergies and get headaches after coming in contact with certain perfumes and body mists.

2. Detergent powder
The concept of laundry detergent being toxic seems to merge with its purpose of cleaning the clothes, a lot of detergents contain harsh and toxic chemicals. To top it off, some of these chemicals can be easily imbibed by our skin, resulting in various kinds of skin allergies. The reason why it’s way too important to rinse the clothes thoroughly with water after washing.

3. Air fresheners
Just before you spray a gentle amount of air freshener, the next time your guests come around, don’t forget that they contain a lot of toxic chemicals. Hence, it is necessary to keep your house ventilated, to keep you from breathing in those harmful pollutants.

4. Plastic drinking bottles
If you still didn’t switch to glass water bottles, you may as well do it now. When you use plastic bottles to drink water, be conscious about the fact that there might be toxic chemicals seeping in your water via the plastic bottle.

5. Lipsticks
It’s really impossible to go a day without our favourite shade of lipstick? Now we got some bad news. There is a huge possibility that the lip shades and cosmetic products that you’re using consists of plethora of chemicals which are not exactly good for you. Always look for a preservative-free and organic cosmetic products.

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