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It was 8 in the evening when I got back home, to see he’s not yet home. I knew that he’s under tremendous amount of pressure at the office and that he has got no choice but to work late hours only to save his disposition. Yes, you can call it indirect torture. It’s been a few months since I left my last office where working for 9 hours was just a myth. I worked for more than 11 hours and was not even paid accordingly.
It took me less than a second one day to put my resignation when they said it’d take time for my appraisal. I knew I wasn’t able to invest anytime home. And now the same case applies to him, where he has lost time for home.

No sooner did he get back and sat on the couch for coffee than he received a pop up which was of his boss. He immediately called his boss back and started their conversation about some excel sheet. The clock struck 9 and I knew after a while it’ll be time for dinner and then the schedule would commence all over again.

Workplaces undoubtedly have made our life one heck of a living. His boss seems like the main villain of my life now. But, all I can do like his other half is comfort him when he’s back home, shares whatever good happened throughout the day, even if it’s just for few minutes, but in this superfast living, such little moments are as precious to me as any treasure.

I knew always, that I work the entire day for this, to get back and see his face and it's a happy affair at the end of the day. All the efforts are for us, and not just for me or him. I’ve learned the value of time now and I know to treasure the littlest moment that I’ve got with him.

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