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The Curse Of The Weeping Woman, is James Wan's next horror flick which is set to hit the theatres in a couple of months. This particular tale will dig up La Llorona right up from Mexican folklore and will unleash her to haunt another innocent family and their kids.

The Weeping Woman springs from popular Latin American folklore and is deeply inbuilt in the Mexican culture and among the Chicano Mexican population of the United States.
According to a popular version of the tale, the Weeping Woman was once a beautiful maiden named Maria.
She got married a nobleman and gave birth to two sons. Her husband was a traveler because of which he rarely visited home. During this time 'apart', his feelings for her began to fade. But he still loved his sons and imparted them all the attention that he left his wife bereft of. Once when he was in town, she caught him with a younger woman (red-handed).

The furious woman then took her sons to Santa Fe River and drowned them. She also was found dead on the riverbank a few days later, the reason behind which remained unknown. It is believed that when she reached Heaven, she was refused entry until she found the souls of her sons. Thus, she wanders around the planet looking to reclaim their souls.

According to folklore, dressed in a white gown and mourning for her sons, La Llorona takes lost and abandoned children and drowns them in the hopes of recovering souls post which she can get permission into the afterlife.
La Llorona is actually a legendary figure with several incarnations. She is often presented as a banshee. A banshee is an apparition of a woman dressed in white found lurking by lakes or rivers, sometimes at crossroads.
She wails into the night for her lost sons whom she has killed. The 'murder' is sometimes executed with a knife but most often, the children are drowned.

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