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It's quite a hard fact to believe that just over a year ago Novak Djokovic was struggling with himself to get back from injury and surgery, pondering over the fact if his time at the top of tennis was over for good.
The Serb has been in an incredible form since the middle of last year, taking hold of three grand slam titles on the bounce.

And speaking to CNN on the red carpet of the Laureus World Sports Awards in Monaco earlier this week, he mentioned one person from bringing him back from the brink which is his wife, Jelena.
Djokovic said Jelena's support was crucial at a time he "was facing adversity and had obstacles that seemed, at times, too challenging."
Without her support, it would have been "very difficult for me to play competitive tennis at such a high level."

Djokovic was arguably on his path to putting aside Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal -- the two most successful men's players in tennis history -- until he decided to go through a surgery in 2017 on an elbow injury he had been carrying since 2016.
Former coach Andre Agassi had put forward his frustrations with Djokovic's initial unwillingness to go under the knife. He told The Guardian in 2018 that the hope was it would "heal naturally, holistically."

Jelena was also near to confirming the fact as much when she says the idea of surgery was a "big deal" and one that was "against our core values.""It was really huge," she continues. "He buried one part of him with that decision."
At one stage "he (Djokovic) said: 'I'm done. I'm not playing tennis anymore. I'm not having fun anymore. I've lost it,'" Jelena reveals.

"I feel like the reason why our bond is so strong is because for me he's never a tennis player," she said.
"He never worked for the glory, for the money, or for any of it. He was always about values. Living the life fully. Committing yourself to the life of purpose. That's what I'm in love with."
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