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It’s like a dream to get married to the one you love, to plan a family ahead and most importantly to get the acceptance and blessings from your parents for such a marriage. Nowadays, love marriages have become a rampant affair and no one really even think of having an arranged marriage. It’s a matter of surprise that there exists a section of people who prefer to have an arranged marriage and they have their own reasons. What could be that? Here are few real-life stories of why some chose to have an arranged marriage…

1. A happy marriage is not just about love
“A marriage in Indian society is about two families coming together and sharing a life. You have to be compatible with your partner as well as your in-laws. I think arranged marriage is a more pragmatic option because you get to see your spouse’s family, understand their values and beliefs, expectations from their daughter-in-law, and seeing how compatible you can be with them. Yes, love matters in a relationship, but it is definitely not the only thing that makes a marriage successful.”

2. Because I trusted my parents
“I have had my share of relationships but nothing worked out. When I wanted to get married, I trusted my parents to make a right choice for me. Of course, I had the final say and I met my wife several times before saying yes to the proposal. But my parents surely understood the challenges of married life better and helped me to make the right decision.”

3. Marriage is a sheer gamble
“Whether love or arranged, marriage is a big gamble. People can fall out of love or change with time even if they had a love marriage and there is no way you can predict how happy a couple would be years after getting hitched. I found my partner on a matrimonial site and we have been happily married for 15 years.”

4. Adjusting is the main factor
“A perfect marriage is about two imperfect people sharing a life and embracing each other the way they are. Whether it’s love or arranged marriage, every couple needs to accept their differences, have a never-give-up attitude and choose to love each other on good and bad days. Having a love marriage does not mean it is going to be the end of all your problems.”

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