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Heroes and protagonist, of course, acquire a special place in our heart as that’s what their work is, but when it comes to the bad one, have you observed this trait recently that we fall in love with them too and we don’t want to let go of them. For a while now, we have been gifted with complex beings on our screen. And more than frequent, even in these 'villainous' characters we find a part of ourselves, something to empathize about.

1. Ser Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones)
Jamie Lannister who is known to hold the weird title of Kingslayer might have been quite unliked by us initially because of his romantic relationship with his own sister and for being under her command. Gradually as the character unfolds we develop a soft corner for him because at the end of the day even, he’s as human as us (and good).

2. Loki (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
This is one mischievous creation of Marvel with so many freaking layers that we always hang in between whether to love him or hate him. Despite all hate because of the harm always tend to inflict on his brother (Thor) we know that there’s something soft in this guy that we can’t miss. He actually loved his brother, his mother, and even his father. He loved Asgard. He just wanted to grow out of Thor's control and rule his people as the true king.

3. Erik Lensherr/ Magneto (X-Men)
In his childhood, Erik Lensherr was forced to watch his mother die at a Nazi concentration camp. He watched his mutant brothers and sisters face discrimination and persecution due to their unique abilities. Therefore his mental state could be understood well rather than just going against him.

4. Cersei Lannister
Everyone detests Cersei right? Her cruel looks and destructive thoughts are bound to bring up hatred quite naturally. But in the course of action, we see a true mother. Whatever might be her flaws she has left no stone unturned to keep her children safe and sound. We can’t really hate a caring mother.

5. Severus Snape (Harry Potter)
And now, I don’t know why am I even including this person in this ‘bad guy’ list since, he holds a big, really big place in our heart. Maybe because right from the beginning his ‘acting’ as a bad one made us give into the notion that he’s all in all a villain. But, no sooner did we discover his love for Lily Potter than we fell for this man. The reason why Harry named his son after him.

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