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It goes without saying that travelers all over the world are irresistibly in love with Greece. An island nation, Greece might just be the place where no two sunsets are alike and each of those is the one to die for. Greece also has this flair of mysticism which is hard to beat; recall all those stories about oracles, the Greek gods, and all those omens! If you do know about them, then there is more for you, for Greece is also home to the monasteries of Meteora.

These monasteries are ranked as one of the world’s most treacherous settings, and the sheer magical sight of these historical specimens will make you gawk in awe. The monasteries at Meteora are perched on unbelievable yet real massive rock columns beside the Pindos Mountains. These rocks are believed to have emerged some 60 million years ago, which suffered an erosion by water and wind. While the region was inhabited by cavemen, the monasteries came into existence in the 14th century, as the monks staying in the area sought shelter getting attacked by the Turks.

The monastery at Meteora is a sight that is daunting, even as they have been made accessible now. It’s chilling to even imagine the thrill of using hanging ladders and ropes, for there was no other choice of reaching the monasteries! These ropes were replaced only when they were shrunk down to mere shreds, making each climb a leap of faith in a true sense. A further peek into the history of these would reveal that the site was also bombed during WWII!

If you have already planned for Greece, know that you cannot strike it off till you paid a visit to the Meteora Monasteries.

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