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Justin Bieber was just like any other kid from a small town in Canada when he was discovered by Scooter Braun, a twenty-something party promoter who bumped into the rosy-cheeked boy's dedicated and endearing home videos on the internet. He somehow convinced Justin's mother to let the 12-year-old fly to Atlanta, and a week later — or so stars shined on him- he was singing for Usher.

Fortune and fame didn't happen to smile on him overnight exactly, but just within weeks, he'd gone from humble and local surroundings to opening up on Taylor Swift's world tour. The teen who made a start posting covers of himself singing other people's tracks on YouTube — these days, might be a very common factor, but back in the year 2008, it wasn't so commonplace. He made his way to performing in front of thousands of screaming fans who knew every word to his music by heart; it was his sheer love for music and of course, dedication. At the age of 15, he'd already received marriage proposals to last a lifetime. Girls, actually sobbing, and paparazzi can’t stop snapping, followed all his moves. Yes, he became a star who can’t be touched now.

When his career was taking off, compelling him to superstardom, offstage he was like any other eighth grader. He had already become an international icon and a role model, but like most teens, he was still very much figuring things out. Unlike other teens, though, his adolescence, highs, and lows were always caught on camera and used as fodder for late night talk shows and tabloid covers.

Love him or hate him, it’s a fact that he rules most girls heart with his adorable music and his chocolate boy looks. Right from ‘ Baby’ to ‘ No Brainer’, every time he comes out with a track, it shakes us all.
But, recently, he did break a lot of his female follower's heart by tying the knot with model Hailey Baldwin. His marriage is seen to be facing quite a lot of ups and down, but nevertheless, the couple always manages to catch along with each other well. Well, that’s what we’d want for this star. His music is hit and so is he. We would soon want him to come with more of it. And lastly, Happy Birthday Justin! You will rule our hearts forever!

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