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Social media might have become cool stuff for all now, be it the singles or the ones in a relationship. Everyone is more concerned about when to get that time to scroll up the newsfeed instead of fetching time for the loved ones.
Unfortunately, the way your partner handles social media can create a sense of insecurity in a relationship, which wasn’t there earlier. So, if you are disturbed internally by such behaviour, you might want to confront your partner about this. Well, it’s not an easy thing to do. Asking about such a thing might make your partner question your trust and many tiffs might arise. But we have some suggestions, which might help you to deal with the situation logically.

“This is an issue that most millennial couples face. We have become so dependent on social media that sometimes, we don’t even realize how much time we are spending on it. As a result of which, we compromise with the time we need to spend with our loved ones. No, wonder it makes them feel unwanted and unloved—two major factors for a person to feel insecure in a relationship,” said Shweta Singh, a Senior Consultant Psychologist.
Figure out what exactly makes you uncomfortable. Is it because he doesn’t comment on your posts or share them? Or rather because she is friends with people you don’t really like? Does he follow girls who’re way too bold? It’s important to know the real reason behind your discomfort to find the proper solution.

According to relationship experts, it’s always better to address the issue directly. Once you’ve figured out your problem with his/ her social behavior speak it out, softly.
The one big mistake which needs to be avoided while confronting is, you have to stop being judgemental. You cannot really his/her choices instead you can ask for a little change or to curb that particular habit that disturbs you so that you guys can have a healthy relationship. Tell how it’s affecting the time you both spend together rather than concentrating only on yourself.

After you and your partner arrive at a mutual settlement, you should soon set some ground rules like a fixed time for social media browsing. During this time make sure both of you refrain from even touching your phones. Also, this is to be kept in mind that such a rule applies to both of you.

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