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It’s not just women who get to face all the inhibitions and limitations after tying the knot, it’s men as well who get to face similar hesitations. There are few mentalities surrounding men that they don’t really go through any such problems. The truth is really underrated and someone had to put forward the voices of married men as well. Here are a few accounts of men who explain what’s life after marriage:

1. The dilemma between wife and mother
“I had a love marriage and from the very first day, my mother and wife did not get along well. Somewhere, my mother did not like the fact that I had not married the woman of her choice, and my wife took pride in the fact that I had chosen her against my mother’s wishes. They always have this ego clash and I am the one who is expected to take sides. I feel depressed thinking I cannot keep the two most important women of my life happy at the same time.”

2. Bachelor’s day freedom
“Before marriage, I need not think twice before going out to meet my friends. Weekends used to be all about late-night parties and impromptu trips. My life has surely taken a turn after marriage as I have a companion now. There are times when my wife is not comfortable spending evenings with my friends or expects me to stay at home for the entire weekend. I always have to cross-check with her before making any plans and have to tweak my routine because we share a life together. I am not complaining but I miss those carefree days of my bachelor life. ”

3. Embracing the responsibilities
“I feel marriage makes you transition from a boy to a man. You have a family to manage and your partner’s health and happiness is your responsibility as well. Earlier I could have thought of quitting my job any day without worrying about my future and finances. But now I have been married for a year and we are expecting a baby, I cannot even think about that. The responsibilities have grown with time and I cannot afford to be irresponsible anymore.”

4. Dealing with wife’s parents
“Like every married couple, my wife and I used to sometimes have difference of opinions over things and even friendly arguments. But what used to bother me the most was when she used to call her mother to share each and every detail about our relationship. Once I heard her complaining about how we have different food preferences and later, her mother called me and made to listen to a lengthy lecture on the importance of eating healthy. It took a few months but she eventually realized that some things about our relationship should only stay between us. ”

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