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Seems not everything is going right in PeeCee’s life right now. This time it’s her who’s facing the wrath of haters on social media because of her supporting her own country. An online petition has been started in Pakistan seeking the removal of actor Priyanka Chopra as the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, reported The News International. The petition tags UN and UNICEF as well.

The petition has been initiated by people quite disappointed with the actor for congratulating the Indian Air Force after air strikes across the Line of Control. Owing to actor’s tweet “Jai Hindi #IndianArmedForces” after the Indian Air Force conducted multiple air strikes in Pakistan’s Balakot, the petition claims that the actor ‘cheered for war’, despite being the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Priyanka Chopra was made the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in December 2016.

“War between two nuclear powers can only lead to destruction & death. As goodwill ambassador of UNICEF, Priyanka Chopra was supposed to stay neutral & peaceful but her tweet in favor of Indian arm forces after they invaded Pakistan airspace shows otherwise. She doesn’t deserve this title anymore,” the petition reads on website At the time of filing this report, the petition had received some 2,200 signatures.

On February 26, twelve days after the Pulwama attack which occurred on 14th February, India had launched an anti-terror strike against a Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terror training camp in Pakistan’s Balakot, in which a large group of terrorists was smashed down by the Indian Air Force, according to Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale.
Seems like the haters couldn’t control their anger anymore and this it’s Priyanka Chopra who’s been made the target for supporting her own country. A pile of hate tweets is thrown at her(of course by the Pakistanis) for being a hypocrite and disrupting peace.

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