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For the fans of Julius Caesar and of course the student of English Literature, this might come across as happy news! Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome, popular to be the site where one of the most famous assassinations (of Julius Caesar) took place in the history of the world, will be made open for history lovers all around the world very soon. An iconic Roman site for all the better and worse reasons, Largo di Torre Argentina is situated right in the middle of the city center.

As far as the history and story are concerned, some more than 2000 years back, Julius Caesar’s, Rome’s most famous politician, military general, and historian was brutally stabbed by the conspirators(who had been his trustworthy friends) on March 15, 44 BC. He was stabbed in the back 22 times at the Theater of Pompey, which was also Rome’s first permanent theatre.

Even after centuries of the mishap, travelers can still witness the remains of the theater building in ruins. The boundary walls of the broken with time theater are still thick and strong enough. Also, there are four temples, constructed sometime around the third and second centuries BC. You can also see the several carved stones at the site and a brick tower too which is still a sight to behold.

At present, the region is in its collapsed form and has become important for its several bus stops. Besides, there’s also a cat center where one can see several stray cats roaming around.
Last week, the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, declared the renovation of the site and project has been undertaken by the famous Italian fashion brand Bulgari. The estimated money involved in the project is being said €985,000 (INR 8,00,11,143). As per the team, the work will be completed by the year 2021.

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