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The strong relationship goals should now change its implications for this beautiful mother-daughter duo. Neena, 62, and Masaba Gupta, 30 are the fiercely individualistic mother and daughter who’re incredibly cute together.
They fight over the little matters, but always have each other’s back. And they can read each other’s mind just like any mother and daughter do. At least that’s how it seems when you catch them completing each other’s sentences – even when they’re arguing.

And exactly this is how it should be, given that these two have tolerated more than most mother-daughter duos. Masaba is Neena’s love child with West Indies cricket legend Vivian Richards. Having a child with no marriage is considered ‘brave’ even today. And the word ‘brave’ makes Neena laugh out loud. “I am very much aware that I am considered a ‘strong woman’. And I am also aware that that is only because I had a child outside wedlock,” she chuckles. “Aur koi bhi cheez mujhmein aisi nahi hai ke mujhe strong kaha jaye! (There’s no other quality in me other than this that makes me strong!) I did that early on and then Ganga naha li! It was like, now I have nothing else to prove. My life is complete!”
She finds this attitude ridiculous, “The condition of women in our country is so bad that compared to them I have been through nothing,” she says. “I have just had a child out of wedlock, but I get to be the face of the independent modern woman. I don’t think it is fair.”

Masaba’s mature outlook to her circumstances comes from her mother’s honesty. Neena never hid the facts from her daughter. “That was the only way I knew to prepare her for what I anticipated the world might throw at her,” says Neena. “I told her what was what the very day she asked me. I told her what my situation was, how I fell in love and how that went, and everything. What option did she have after knowing this? She had to deal with it. Honesty is the best preparation.”

Today, Masaba is one of India’s most famous and influential fashion designers, while Neena Gupta, a National Award winner (Best Supporting Actress for Woh Chokri in 1994), is basking in the glory of her new film, Badhaai Ho (2018).They both stand as an inspiration

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