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An alligator caught in Georgia initiated hoax speculation online after the disclosure of the fact that the animal weighed more than 700 pounds before it was euthanized.
The animal was first spotted in southwest Georgia by a farmer, who found the animal in an irrigation ditch in Lake Blackshear.

After finding the animal, the farmer called up the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) - which sent wildlife biologist Brent Howze to investigate.According to Mr. Howze, the alligator, which a spokesperson for the DNR confirmed to The Independent was real, was 13-feet four-inches long.
The alligator basically was in the ditch for about a week before Mr. Howze and his team reached it. “We have captured quite a few alligators, but none this large,” Mr. Howze told CBS News.

While the DNR wildlife biologists were capable of successfully freeing the alligator from the ditch, they ultimately decided to euthanize the animal, as the alligator was already suffering from multiple injuries which included old gunshot wounds.
The old age of the animal also played quite a part in the decision.
“It’s an unfortunate situation, but the best thing for the animal was to put it down,” Howze told the Cordele Dispatch.

The photographs taken of the huge alligator prior to the euthanization went viral, prompting some people to draw a conclusion that the alligator’s size had been edited.
However, according to Mr. Howze, while “alligators this size are not common”, male alligators can reach up to 16 feet in size.But the wildlife biologist did say this fact that the only way an alligator can grow to this size is by avoiding humans.
Despite its massive structure, the alligator is not the largest to be found in Georgia - as the DNR told us a 14-foot one-inch alligator captured in 2015 during alligator hunting season holds the record.

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