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Turns out, not every time, alcohol tends to inflict harm to your body. When we talk about any sort of alcoholic drink we only come up with the popular notion that it poses harm to our liver and many other organs. The hangover might scare the hell out of you and you take an oath not to touch that bottle again, but, today we’re going to reveal something that would not make you feel guilty of drinking anymore.

What Does The Study Say
The American Chemical Society conducted research on the effect of tequila on the blood sugar levels. What they came out with is the sugar found in the agave plant (which is what tequila is made from) is non-digestible and therefore cannot raise your blood sugar level.

To take this research forward, researchers carried an experiment on mice. The mice were divided into two groups. The first group was given a standard diet followed by water that contained agavins, while the second group was given a standard diet with just water.
Nevertheless, one shouldn’t forget the fact that having tequila might curb hunger but excess of it can lead to several other problems. It must be quite clear to you by now that excess of anything is not good for health.

Also, one should not forget the fact that the above-written facts should only be taken as a view and not a prescription from a practitioner.

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