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There are many casually sexist stuff that we, the Indian woman have become acquainted with now.
It’s a common fact now that women face sexism in almost all spheres of their lives, right from their family homes to workplaces. And this has become so rampant that it has become normal for women to deal with casual sexism. While some just move on in their lives without protesting, others don’t even think of responding to it. If you’re wondering how much casual sexism has been normalised for women, here are a few examples.

1. Getting handed the wine menu or being offered vodka
Women don’t just hanker around for wine or vodka but at most parties or social settings, it’s still assumed that they prefer these ‘soft’ alcoholic drinks over more ‘masculine’ ones like whiskey. Well, truth be told, to each his own.

2. Watching the restaurant bill being handed to their male partner
It is a famous assumption by all the waiters in a restaurant or pub that if a man and woman come along, it’s just the man who’s going to pay the bill. Without even asking ones, the men gets handed over the bill. I mean we earn quite good and we can pay, dude!

3. Being catcalled
Ask any woman the way she deals with catcalling in public places(yes, eve-teasing) and she’ll tell you that she ignores it most of the time. That’s something she’s utterly used to it.

4. Men sitting at the head of the table
I mean why? But still we never questioned our fathers sitting at the head of the table. Probably, we were somehow taught that way not to question and yes it has become way too casual for us now.

5. Getting mansplained at work and home
It has become almost a second nature for women to get mansplained almost every other day, sometimes even on topics like period and pregnancy. But seriously, we listen only to blow it away.

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