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In the era of depressed and distressed faces, when suddenly a phrase pops up on our phones saying ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ the reaction is priceless. Few consider it as a stress reliever and it’s popularly called PUBG which is Player Unknown’s Battle Ground. The game is omnipresent especially if we talk about India. You can find people irrespective of age group engaging themselves while transit, at work during breaks, malls and even I’ve seen people playing in theatres too! Brendan Greene take a bow you’ve managed to create something which will be remembered for ages. To be honest I too belong to the clan who is injected with this blissful addiction. So for all those who ponder why it is so addictive here is the answer.

The concept of ‘Battle Royale’.
A battle royale game is a game that combines the endurance, exploration or scavenging elements of a survival game with last man standing game. It challenges a large number of players, starting with minimal equipment, turns out to be victorious. Like Minecraft and Arma 2, the Korean gaming company established the gameplay. As the game goes on the survival becomes more challenging as the area of gameplay shrinks. So it’s not just the battling the other players but you will be battling the time too.

PUBG mobile is priceless!
Indeed it is. You need not need to purchase the game to enjoy the game play as the mobile version of the game comes for free. In fact it is one of the most downloaded games of 2018 in the playstore. Irrespective of Android user or an apple owner, one can download it without spending a single penny. Though the console version has many more attributes!

Nearly Nil wait time.
Overwatch is a game which has some mindboggling graphics and unbelievable gameplay. But couldn’t mark its place is due to its high loading time. Though, match making at times can be lengthy but come on there are only a handful games allocating millions of players concurrently.

Not just a shooter.
Like Doom, COD and other big names this is not just a mere fps shooting game. This has got lot more to bring more to table. Tactical elements in strategy and resource management comes into play. Engage or not to engage. Positioning yourself or partner towards the business end has to be strategized. Adding your kill hunt is of course something to boasts about but ultimately a chicken dinner winner is a chicken dinner winner!

Connects people
Constant communication is required if you’re playing it in a squad or a duo mode. The strategy of survival and fetching that yummy chicken gets better if there is a team guidance and coordination amongst partners.
A gameplay which blends all these qualities with a high index of Graphics is something which always be in news. Recently, Rajkot police has announced ban for being ‘Addictive and Harmful’. To conclude I would say many games have arrived promisingly and within no time faded out. PUBG has also landed with same motive. Let’s not just critically analyze the outcome. Anyways, I have been hooked on this game for a while now and it’s definitely worth a try.

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