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Considering the expanding rates of global expansion and technology development, it’s impossible to imagine that there is even a little treasure of this planet that remains undiscovered or unexplored. So there’s this certain level of comfort in knowing that, even today, there are mysteries that remain unexplored.
While this curiosity of the taboo and forbidden is irresistible, you’d be hard-pressed to swindle your way into these forbidden places — and in many cases, you just wouldn’t want to. Let’s imbibe ourselves with a little knowledge about these places:

1. Snake Island, Brazil
Located 93 miles off the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil is Ilha da Queimada Granda, also known as Snake Island. Why does it hold such a title? Well now, Researchers estimate there are between one and five snakes here per 10 square feet. The snakes, specifically golden lanceheads, are known for their poison, which literally disintegrates flesh around their bites. So I guess it’s more than alright that we’re just not allowed to explore this creepy island.

2. Lascaux Caves, France
The Lascaux Caves in southwestern France are a haven to a series of stunning Paleolithic paintings, estimated to be up to 20,000 years old. The paintings embedded on the walls of the caves are hauntingly vivid, depicting stags, cattle, bison, cats and more. But the most incredible of all the paintings can be found in the Hall of the Bulls, which is known for its four bull murals, one of which is 17 feet long.Disappointingly, the public is barred from visiting it since the 1960s, as they have been invaded by fungi and black mold, both dangerous for human health. Plus, human presence is considered destructive to the works of art.

3. Area 51, United States
A conspiracy theorist's playground, Area 51 has boggled the public for decades. The hidden military base in the Nevada desert has kept its purpose a secret for quite a long time, though it’s a popular belief that it's kept for alien testing.One thing goes without saying that attempting to access the forbidden area would be highly irresponsible, as the grounds are protected by mines and other defenses.

4. North Sentinel Island, India
On North Sentinel Island, a small island in the Andaman chain in the Bay of Bengal, natives have long been opposed to the influences of the modern world. In fact, the Sentinelese people who live on the island hate communication with any outsiders and are willing to get violent to protect their isolation.

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