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Whether you believe in the spirit stories or not, it’s something real for many. You must not have met such an entity till now but these people on Reddit have. They wrote about their experiences and honestly, it's going to be hard for you to sleep after going through it:

1. "This happened one day while I was walking to the bus stop. I live next to a large park (my backyard is apart of it) and the road I walk on runs parallel to it. I carry on walking minding my own business when I hear footsteps just in the tree line. This isn't abnormal as there are obviously animals but these footsteps had something else about them, something very human. I stopped and looked into the bush. Nothing there. As I stand there clueless the footsteps stop and about 5 seconds later I felt a massive force to my side and was pushed over, only just managing to stop myself falling to the road. I stood there for a second and then I ran all the way to the bus stop. There was no way someone pushed me as the area was deserted and I would have noticed someone."

2. "In 2011, I was visiting Switzerland with my whole family. We took a tour of a castle that was over a thousand years old, and we were taking pictures. My aunt had a pretty decent camera, and she had it set to shutter. We walked into what would be a bedroom, and she took a picture of the door. You could see a purple figure walk across the door in a different position in each shot, with a clearly visible face."

3. "I was home alone and watching television. The volume started going up. I had it on 12. It went on to 18, then 19, and then 20, counting up at a steady pace. I think to myself 'I sat on the remote'. I raise my arse from side to side to find the remote but it's not there. The television is now incredibly loud. I glance to my left just in time to see the remote drop from a head height down onto the arm of the sofa."

4. "I was using a night vision app I installed on my phone. I went to a dark room to check it out and there, I saw a shaded person staring at me. He was just standing there. I quickly ran to another room where my parents were and deleted that app."

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