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Women have grown up hearing this, “You don’t just marry an individual, you marry the family.” Whether these words are uttered from a worried mother making her daughter aware about the aftermaths of a wedding or a caring grandmother guiding the young one, but these express the experience of women, especially the one who's married to men with joint families, and how they adapted themselves to this new family. Living with a pack of in-laws might be quite exciting but it has its own issues. Let’s talk about these issues:

1. Privacy
If you yearn for a private space be prepared to face a constant invasion of your personal space when you stay with a joint family. For the girls who’re used to growing up in a joint family it might not be that difficult a task but, for the one who been growing up alone, this is going to be much annoying. But things would get better once you get acquainted with all the family members and spend quality time with them.

2. What you wear
This comes as a big factor. When you’re married, somewhere you got to compromise with your choice of wardrobe. Yes, keep that in mind that you’re not that free now. Some families are quite cool and they don’t worry about their daughter-in-law's choice of clothes, but some might be quite conservative and a bit skeptical about what you wear, so choose wisely.

3. More responsibilities
Whatever you do in a joint family, everything needs to be done taking into account everyone’s likes and dislikes, which means you have got added responsibilities. This might be something as simple as cooking a meal—if you are alone you might have to cook for only two but when you are with a family, it’s for all. Even while making plans, it’s not just about just you and your husband.

4. Family politics and drama
Well, this is something inevitable. When so many people with different perspectives and nature happen to live together, drama and politics would be an inseparable part of their lives. And when you are a new one to the family you might face some turbulent times understanding and adjust to the new environment and the equations people share with each other.

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