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"A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk." – Charlie Chaplin
How exactly your drunk-self differs from your sober-self? The answer might baffle you.
The way that people behave in an inebriated condition is often believed to be a totally different version of their personality. After all, it’s a common thing now for people who look back to the night and the very condition and swore that they wouldn’t have behaved such a way had it not been for the devil drink. However, this accepted wisdom may be completely wrong. According to a new study, the way that a person behaves when they are drunk may be closer to the ‘real’ version of themselves than the sober one.

A collaborative team of researchers taken up from Purdue University and the University of Missouri worked with a group of 156 volunteer participants to draw a conclusion about how alcohol actually affects behavior. All of the volunteers were given a survey two weeks prior to the experiment. This survey had asked them to self-assess the traits that they can connect with the sober versions of themselves and the drunk one. For the experiment, the volunteers were divided randomly into two groups – one of which was given vodka and Sprite and the other group was just given Sprite. Those who had alcohol were told to keep drinking continuously as they were given various tasks to carry out while being observed by sober individuals.

The participants were asked to rate themselves after completing the tasks. They all had this feeling that they were less conscientious, agreeable, open to experience while drunk and more extroverted and emotional stable. However, the neutral observers disagreed and said that there was not a huge difference between the drunk participants and the sober ones.
One of the psychologist scientists working on the project, Rachel Winograd, said that she and the team were surprised to see that the drunk participants had a completely different take on their behavior than outside observers who only believed that they were more extroverted that was typical and did not think that they were being weirdly disagreeable or careless when they were carrying out their allotted tasks.

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