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There are places which are just meant for some thrill and Interlaken, Switzerland, is surely one of those. For a small village in the mountains, it has a worldwide reputation amongst backpackers and tourists alike. If you have been saving a lot for that someday when you can pay a visit to west Europe backpacking trip, this is the place to spend it. In general, activities are around $150-$200 with adventures such as mountain-biking on the lower side and skydiving on the higher side. If this sounds exciting, here’s your complete guide on adventure activities in Interlaken.

1. Ice climbing in Interlaken
Let’s get started with this since it’s the most extreme adventure activities in Interlaken and has quite a strong lure. A fact that you need to keep in mind that ice climbing depends on a number of factors and expeditions might get canceled at any given time. The weather on top of the mountain, where the ice is, (in summer) differs a lot from what you see on land. Storms and avalanches are quite a normal factor here.

2. Hang gliding in Interlaken
If you’ve always wanted to experience hang gliding, Interlaken is the place to do so, as you can go home and tell your friends that you actually ran off a mountain! In fact, and that is what exactly you have to do. You will be driven up in a van to the top of a mountain to the height of your choosing. Once the glider is built, you will be strapped to it along with your instructor. He/she will be standing right behind you while you take off and fly. Isn’t that super thrilling?

3. Sky diving in Interlaken
Sky diving is a notch above on the adventure scale. Interlaken is an amazing place for sky-diving. The mountains are around a lake (hence the name Interlaken, meaning something similar to ‘between lake’). The water is crystal clear, coming from the glaciers.

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