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Do you not feel like letting go of your phone when you’re half an hour late waking up, you know you’re getting late right? Does it feel lazy to pick up a good friend’s call at a time when you’re completely free but you’re not willing to pick it up since you’re feeling too lazy to talk now? I hope you know that you are a procrastinator and that it’s has become way too common in today’s date.
Procrastination is, for most of us mere human beings, an unfortunate yet inevitable part of our existence. Still, although it doesn't help us to get anything done, it does at least give us something to giggle about. Are you a master procrastinator? If you are, all these tweets below are tailor-made for you.
It has become so casual that people can’t take this as a serious issue anymore and are ending up making memes out of it; real hysterical jokes which you should not feel lazy to go through. So, are you a master procrastinator? If you are, all these tweets below are tailor made for you:

1. When you just can’t stop yourself from binge-watching

2. When final exams are no more a matter of concern.

3. Procrastination makes you a real pro

4. Time is a pawn in your hand

5. You love to watch the sun down

6. When you’ve no idea what the hell you’re up to

7. Last moment makes you a superhero

8. Kind of an inception

9. The five most valuable words

10. When a masterpiece like George R. R. Martin can’t stop procrastinating.

So, you see, we procrastinators are in reality a meme material now and we can’t be any prouder.

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