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After coming across this genius director Zoya Akhtar’s work, one thing is quite evident that her lead characters are not the one hankering after a ladylove and breaking other’s limb just to get her; no, this is just not the case with Zoya’s character adaptation. She puts the very essence of a millennial man in her heroes and each time we only end up connecting with her characters more.
Here are five of the best characters she has created for us to feel better:

1. Kabir Dewan
He didn't let go of his emotions, or act macho about 'I can handle my own shit'. Yes, he’s very much a man who cries when needed help and pulled up the courage to finally end things with his fianceé because he didn't love her. Kabir is practically every guy in his late 20s, trying to figure life out.
2. Surjan Singh Shekawat
Even though the role surrounded a staunch, serious cop who is trying to open his own frame of mind to revise answers, Shekawat's role is a stark portrayal of someone who has let go of life because of his own fears. The role showcases Aamir Khan as a cop with the very emotion of a father who is trying to solve a case after he's lost his own son in an accident and every breaking and making situations a man goes through after a heavy loss, while trying to live up to his responsibilities is beautifully represented in Aamir's character.

3. Kabir Mehra
He might be like any other rich spoilt brat like most rich Delhi boys are perhaps, but there is this very touch of softness in him and the will to stand up to his family when the time demands him to. That's what boys who’re on the verge of becoming men, do. Truly, Kabir's character reflects upon a man who you wait for, in a time of need and who'll go to any extent to help someone out, at the risk of losing his mental peace. But he has his drawbacks and why not, because he's only a human, right?

4. Sunny Gill
This character has got almost every girl wanting him to be real as the character is so true to life. Farhan played a grounded and caring boy who'd left the love of his life to pursue his career. He made his way back to her though but apart from the obvious character traits, there was this beautiful quality Sunny possessed that made him so effortlessly relatable. For instance, calling out the patriarchal toxicity and asking poignant questions such as: "why is it that women need to 'seek' permission in the first place?". He is someone a girl would never want to lose.

5. MC Sher
If the phrase “a friend in need is a friend indeed” had a human face, then it would be M C Sher, for he justified it in every true sense. His character speaks to us in a real way just like how a friend would if we ever found ourselves down in the ruins. Now we know somewhere every man has got characteristics to be a good friend like MC Sher was to Murad.

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