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There is a fine line between a fair expectation and an unjust (demanding) one. Obviously there’s no harm in expecting from your partner; after all, he/she is your matter of concern and interest. You have all the right to expecting something good from your partner, but not every time. Over-expectation leads to misery and there should be a limit to it.
Here are the few things you shouldn’t expect from your partner often:

That he/she can read your mind
No, don’t live in this expectation that he/she can understand out without you even uttering a word, not all the time. Remember you are two different human beings with different personalities and thought, also, which are subject to change with time. So never think that he will interpret your mind and would find a solution without you putting any effort in it.

To look good always
You just can’t be representable every time. He/she is no doll that is meant to be a treat to your eyes always. It’s not just a bad expectation, it’s something ridiculous. You should always accept your partner the way she/he is. If you’re in love totally, even his shabby self would give you butterflies.

To hold similar opinions
Two different minds cannot operate alike, this is basic. And, if you think that just because you guys are partners in love and everything would be same then you’re in the wrong track. Most of the fights are due to the fact that both the partners don’t hold similar opinions and when so even?

He/she would look after the entire house
If in case you’re married or doing cohabitation, then do not expect that any one of you would take care of your house and the daily chores. Both should have equal responsibilities to after the home and also each other’s need.

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