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“Whatever it takes”, The three words that the Avengers swear by now, is something which is giving us goosebumps and we seriously can’t keep calm anymore. More so I’m sure, if you are a die-hard fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Avengers than you must have surely watched the trailer some more than hundred times by now. And laying your eyes deep into the shortest of the shortest details you can extract major spoilers from it already. There is nothing much yet so much in it that we want to cry.

Firstly it’s Captain America who’s not so good disposition at a certain point made me suffer from a little heartbreak. Not just comics but all the rumors surrounding our beloved Captain is coming down to the conclusion that it might be his last MCU flick and my heart is crying like hell. He’s the one without whom I can’t even imagine Avengers.

Coming to the major spoiler that has dropped in, you can actually see it with wide open eyes that Iron Man aka Tony Stark has made it back to earth. How? He’s seen alongside Natasha Romanoff in that quantum realm suit when the Avengers squad ( one who’re left behind from Thanos’s brutal snap) are seen all prepped-up for the great war. We still can’t rely on the scene completely as many speculations are rising regarding it being a dream sequence or just something to make the fans go crazy and bring them at their receiving end.

Talking about the last part( also the cutest part) which comes in as a respite from all the tensions is when Captain Marvel is seen confronting Thor who’s powers are believed to be equal to that of him. Thor makes a witty remark after drawing his ‘Strombreaker’ from behind her back saying “I like this one” and we feel like screaming we like this too!

I know your heart is pounding with all the fear and tension and you just can’t wait for the super month April just like me after this.

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