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A strict HR, with poker faced people around working nine to five just for a minimal salary and made this their solo motto for their entire life won’t help a workplace grow at all. Good productivity requires good atmosphere and more so a creative one and not the one which has been existing since times immemorial.
Let’s elaborate what exactly makes a creative environment:

1. Technology
What is workplace even, without well-equipped technology. Our spaces will become less about passively consuming what's on our screens and more about how we are getting to interact with technology and tools. Incorporating technology to design and create an environment will enable colleagues to work freely on return thereby, enhancing productivity.

2. Workspace
Every particular employee should be provided with their own space where they don’t hesitate to share their ideas and work freely. That particular space shall be intruded by none. A private space is way more important than anything else for a positive productivity. Minds don’t work when there’s chaos everywhere, lot of inhibition and strict regulations. We aren’t working in a school, right?

3. Digitalization
An amalgamation of aesthetics with algorithm is something what the modern world demands for. Traditional procedures infused with modern digitalized ways for settling problems are a must. Beginning right from smart access, smart spaces to smart meeting rooms, making use of a dedicated one app solution for a variety of tasks for example QR-based visitor management, booking a conference room etc. and also enabling parking allotments based on an organised number plate system with the help of smart cameras helps in aiding a conductive environment.

4. Exposure
Exposure is one of the most crucial thing when it comes to a professional environment. Not just the managing directors and chief personnels should get this chance but also the newbies, the one in making. This in turn gives the organisation the best out of all benefiting the employees and the employers alike.

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