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You must have come across this term time and again, for the one who knows what this thing exactly is they much know what tantrums this particular disease throws. For the one who doesn’t, let us make us acquainted with this. OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder is diagnosed when obsessions and compulsions consume excessive amounts of time (an hour or more each day), cause much distress and interfere with day to day functioning at work or school, or with social activities, relationships and/or normal routines. If you are the one suffering from this chronic disease here are the few tips to try to get over it:

OCD is persistent
You can obviously take it under control but presently, there’s no such cure to it. It is believed to be probably genetic in origin, and not within our current reach to treat at that level. The things you will have to do to treat is something you have to follow regularly, and if you don’t learn to effectively make use of them throughout your life, you might face the risk of relapse.

Eradicate doubt and guilt
Though it’s still unclear why but these are considered hallmarks of the disorder. Unless you understand these, you cannot understand OCD. During the 19th century, OCD was known as the “doubting disease.” OCD can make the victim doubt even the most basic things about themselves the other one or the world they live in. The guilt is the second devastating part of the disorder. It is rather easy to make people with OCD feel guilty about almost anything.

Get over those obsessive thoughts
Obsessions as doctor says are biochemically generated mental events that seem to resemble one’s own real thoughts, but aren’t. The OCD sufferers do not stay with the things they fear long enough to learn the truth–that is, that their fears cannot be described and that the anxiety would have gone away anyway on its own, without a compulsion or neutralizing activity.

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