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If you think that depression is something that affects only the one who’ve not got enough in life in terms of money, fame, love and affection then you should know that you are on a wrong track. Even the Bollywood biggies suffered from this chronic disease even after achieving so much but they knew the right way to battle it and yes, they successfully made it to where they are now, happy and healthy.
Here are the five Bollywood peeps who you might not believe suffered from depression:

5. Varun Dhawan
The quirky actor had disclosed the fact how he was really depressed while playing a psychopath in the movie ‘Badlapur.’ However, the actor did win our hearts when he said that he did not want to spread around the term ‘depression’ loosely, even though the fact is he went to the dark shell of his own during the filming of the movie. He was constantly being pulled in the negative.

4. Anushka Sharma
This fame took to Twitter and talked about the need to normalise anxiety and other conditions of the mind. She shared a quote titled Depression, which said, “Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer.” She also went to the extent of how she wants to completely erase the shame related to anxiety and depression.

3. Karan Johar
The big director went through a year and half of suffering with depression and anxiety. The film director also told in a telly interview how he had to take anti-anxiety medications for a while. He further discussed on the importance of undergoing sessions and therapies, which ultimately made a huge difference in his life.

2. Shah Rukh Khan
Yes, you heard that right! Even the king of Bollywood was not spared from this menace. when he was already in a terrible amount of pain due to his shoulder surgery in 2010. The 53-year-old superstar was quoted as saying, “Due to the shoulder injury, and the suffering, I had got into a depression mode, but now I am out of it. I feel happy and boosted with energy.”

1. Deepika Padukone
The woman who’s ruling Bollywood now has her own share of a terrific story. Back in 2015, Padukone was lauded for having an honest conversation with the media about her fight with depression. She is one of the breakthrough women from her fraternity, who has turned her very own and painful fight with depression into an opportunity to remove the stigma related to depression and anxiety.

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