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Matching your clothes is a thing which can be done easily and it is quite common, but if you see mixing of the colors, is not common, unless you are from fashion industry (where you can see different fashion trends on the daily basis). By mixing of the color the generated result is very pleasant. And it is where color blocking comes in.

Color-blocking is quite simple, that involve huge blocks of color, with the goal being an aesthetically pleasing outfit. But if you need to prime this fashion technique there are five rules listed below to keep you on the right track.

1. Avoid Prints:

Ok, the very first rule for color blocking is to avoid patterns. Actually, patterns are themselves attention seekers, whereas the goal of color blocking is to let the whole outfit work together. So, stick to the solid colors.

2. Never Overdo It:

The most important thing to remind us to avoid using so many colors, otherwise, you will end by looking like a painter’s palette. Pick two or three, otherwise, the color will start working against each other.

3. Neutral With Bright:

Neutral colors are always liked by everyone and sometimes it is the best option to approach one neutral color such as white, black, browns, grays, navy blues, against the bright colors like yellow, red or green.

4. Complementary, Triad & Analogous

When doing color blocking you need to remember these key terms. These chart of the 12-tone will explain ideal grouping for the bright colors. Try two use colors that are opposite to each on the wheel (is complimentary), two or three that are each four spaces apart (triad), or shades that are all beside one another (analogous).

5. Color-blocking With the Whole Look

Color blocking is not only limited to shirts, and pants, instead you can buy dress having two solid colors, you can color block with watches, tote bags, shoes, shoelace, belts, socks, et cetera, and even backpacks.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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