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From hurting sentiments to offending the diversity, these acclaimed writers have penned down thesis not knowing the basics and fundamentals of our country and rightfully it has been pulled down the Indian shelves for a lot many reasons. Taking advantage of freedom of speech these authors have quoted almost anything that’d reach out to the masses and that which had become hugely controversial:

1. An Area Of Darkness
Basically a travelogue, the book takes the readers on a journey across India as V.S.Naipaul himself accounts various cross-sections of society. It was the first book in the trilogy which includes India: A Wounded Civilization and India: A Million Mutinies Now. Soon the book was turned down in India for its "negative portrayal of India and its people".

2. The Satanic Verses
This is considered to be Salman Rushdie's most controversial one. The book was in part, inspired by the life of The Prophet Muhammad. Rushdie made use of magical realism and contemporary incidents to create his characters. The book was banned in India for hate speech thrown at a particular religious group. Muslims too, accused Rushdie of blasphemy, issued a fatwa calling for his death, they also went to the extent of planning assassination of the author.

3. Rangila Rasul
The book is banned not only in India but also Pakistan and Bangladesh The book by Pandit Chamupati M.A. was published during the period of unrest between the Arya Samaj and Muslims in Punjab during the 1920s. The book’s questionable subject detailed the marriages and sex life of the Prophet Muhammad.

4. The Polyester Prince: The Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani
This biography on Dhirubhai Ambani faced several threats even before the manuscript was completed by Ambani’s lawyer. The author, undeterred, had his book published in Australia. The book, however, didn’t see the daylight after Reliance Industries got a temporary injunction against the book.

5. Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India
The novel had to go through a huge lot of criticism following its publication which led to huge public unrest in Maharashtra. The novel was eventually banned in the state, for many thought it made up a negative portrayal of Shivaji and his parents. Maharashtra claimed Shivaji a work that “contained material promoting social enmity.”

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