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Yes, I am talking about mothers and how their behavior changes with the changing life-stages of their children. I can say with my personal experience, that how moms also play every role in different stages.

Right from our birth to our adulthood she shows her love in different ways and plays different roles. She protects us whenever needed, the fight for us with the whole world, feed us, she can forget herself once, but can’t forget her children. And this is the reason why Mother is said to be God’s gift to all the children.

Let us see how mom’s behavior changes in different stages of their children:

1. Childhood

Remember the days of childhood, how our mothers used to run behind us when we crawl. At that stage of life, mothers become overprotective for their children and sometimes even fight with their husband or other family members for us. She always remembers our food time and even our potty time. In childhood when the kid is unable to talk, the mother automatically gets to know what her child is trying to say or what the child want.

2. Teenage

This stage of life is the most interesting. Teenagers find the opposite sex attractive, they want to stay close to them, sit with them in their class, and want to hang-out more and so on. And on this stage moms become Hitler. She knows that it is the most difficult stage in life and also an important stage that is why she protects us in a different way and become a detective so that if we are hiding anything she gets to know about. Teenage is the period when most of the kids make mistakes, so to avoid those mistakes and build a good career mother have to act like a CBI agent.

3. Adulthood

The stage that is full of responsibilities, new changes in life, destiny introduce everyone with their destiny, partner, difficulties, and success and so on. So in this stage, a mother becomes a friend to their ‘adult kids’ that are still not-so-adult for a mother and I think we can’t be adult for them even we cross our 50s. Mother wants to go shopping with us, share her difficulties, share about her life and so many things happen that made a mother a friend for her children.

A woman, a mother has the power to mold herself in any situation and she always gives importance to her child more than own self.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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