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The sports apparel fame Lacoste, known for their classic polo shirts that come with the iconic crocodile logo, raised over $328,000 for wildlife conservation efforts last year with a promotional queue of garments that brought attention to endangered species. It could be one sad news now as it’s all sold-out, and the line of polo shirts replaced that crocodile with various endangered species which was kept as a limited edition.

Coming up with just one logo, this time Lacoste thought of something unique and a limited edition collection from the company shipped with ten different logos, each of them depicting a different endangered species. The production of each design was of a limited number, connecting it with the estimated population size of each species.

For instance, it is estimated and found that there are currently only 350 Sumatran Tigers on the planet, so 350 polos were made with the Sumatran Tiger logo. Among the other species, there are California porpoise, the Burmese turtle, the northern weasel maki, the Java rhino, the eastern black crested gibbon, the kakapo, the California condor, the saola, and the Anegada iguana.

The entire collection was immediately sold away right after it’s launch, with 1,775 shirts selling for $185 each. The most nobel move, all of the profits from the sales were donated to the IUCN conservation, and donations are still coming in from people who just want to support the cause. According to the numbers that were released, it can be easily calculated that the clothing line was able to raise over $328,275 to spread conservation efforts.
The IUCN is known to be one of the leading conservation organization in the world, and are amongst the most trusted record keepers of the endangered species and species on the verge of extinction.

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